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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Wow, Just finishecd the sports festival. It was amazing, so many people came, I@d say at least 1500 people but i think that is on the sparse side even. the spectators could have gone up to 2000 or more by the looks of it. Millions of people had cameras and the school had a few students out there with some nice equipment. I hope i can get a video. Lets remember now how things played out

6:30, Wake up eat out the door at 7:00 no big deal. Pep rally and one last ditch effort to perfect the cheering `thing` It is all the Joho(Information System) Students sitting on a temporary grandstand/bleacher. Everyone has an ornge cloth that has two stick at each end so you can make it nice and tight. Isa a moving picture display that goes along with drum beat,.... Kinda. After 62 pictures/Frames we transphere over to pom poms and do a smaller display with them. THen its the school song. over and over and over. It goes on forever I@m sure. Like the song that never ends.

Ok, people are here, time to start, no watches to be seen for the rest of the day, so no accurate timing. everyone marches out at the same time to the center of the track/field, and marches in place while the band plays. After a while the cerimony of bringing out the awards for display ooccurs and everyone sites down, the principal and a few students make a small speack, well the students make a small speack, the presedent, i mean prinsipal has a book hed like to read. I`m sure it was facinating, I got about 4% of it . The cerimony is done, flags are flying, songs have been song, time to stampead back to the stands.

(I don`t have my program from earlier now, so i can`t tell the exact events, but there was a couple track events and no field events at this time.)

Time to rally, various chants are repeated over and over when a teamate runs past out stand.
Many things hapen that didn`t concern me and i can`t remember them now without my program, but i do know of one good story. I was walking back from getting water befor the sorabushi (SO + ROM + BOO + SHI) and a classmate comes up and asks me to fill in for him in the even RIGHT AFTER THE SORABUSHI! People are preparing to run out on the frield now for the sorabushi, as am i. "Ok, no problem" He had a huge bandage around his ankel , I probly should have too, but oh well. On the field we go to the sound of a train whistel, on the very nice PA system.

First is the gathering in the center of the field. and almost imeditaly after we run out and disperc across the entire 'stage'. There is a nice Wheel of fortian type mice playing and everyone goes in stict formation(image of military balarina school) though a elaborate dance. Next if gymnastics type formations. (music changes to "Its all about the money", American song. There are several human pirimids and the climax is a 12 person pirimid that is 4 people high. Music stops and There is a gunshot, All the student run to the Hana (Flower) formation. 3 HUGE human circials with multipale rings that fan out and colapse back in with various rythems to a song by nsync. Yet another formation follows this and i have no clue what it was suposed to be, but the was a huge humand temple, pirimid thing in the midle, at least 50 or 60 people stacked up 7 standing people tall. There was alos people being thown in the air in various places accross the field. Finally the sorabushi itself.

The thing is translated to somthig like the fishermen`s dance and there are many vertions. our paticutal one if a fast pace confusing rymthmic thrashing of the body. But it is great to watch, I really want to see the video of this dance most of all. Its not fun to do but it looks great. Unless you only had a month to practice and you still realized that they seem to have added in a new step or 5. The students that could see me must have had a good laugh at that. Run into the center agian and then back off the field. Just enough time to grab a drink and get back out to run in an event i had never practiced or planed for.

It was a 50meter sandbag relay. the bag weighs about 40 - 50 pounds. You cary it on your sholder and run.... tahts it, 50 meters with 50 pounds of sand. I really noticed my sunburn after it hit my neck and scraped it. Nothing serious, we had such a huge lead that even though i never practiced only one person pasde me. It was weird i was telling my regs to runa nd they just kinda walked fast is what it felt like. the person after me that i handed the bag to feel over and we came in 6th or 7th. I think i probly didn`t hand it off right, scence i never practiced, only kinda seen what to do.

WEll taht was the last event untill afternoon, The centipied race is what i was suposed to do and it was much difernt that what i expected. There was a rope 4 people and no timing what soever in my blood, or any of us for that mater. We came in second last. it was 100 meters and a realay race. some of the teams were EXTREAMLY fast they were at a fulll sprint and fully syncronized.

The last cerimony came around at 4:30, i know because i could clearly see the clock and the principal just kept talking. My sunburn was really hurting now, i could feel it in every part of my arms and sholders. My forarms have been burn so many times they are now imune to burns and heat. all the nerves are dead.

5 O`clock finally ge tto leave for home. AHHHH sweet massage chair take me away!. It was hot today, Very hot. 30 dergees Celcious or more at least. 90? F


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