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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

WOW< thanks Max! My Sponcer Rotary ex-presadent, I don`t know her current position, e-mailed me asking about my family, and then i read back \though my posts of past and realized i had a total of about 3 sentances concerning my family. thankks for the minder! also realized that my typos are horable, GOMENASAI! It almost makes ya sick trying to decript the words. ;P

I have 1 host sister, Iyaka, who is fourteen and does horable on tests. I seen one, it was bad. She always has friends over. in the mornign at night, during the day. She also is a densha-holic (densha means phone). I never thought you could talk on the phone that much, just like on TV. It the phone rings everyone just yelles for Iyaka, its more than likely for her anyways.

The oldest of my host brotheres is on America right now. Seatle to be exact. they had me look up a map of his adress and he is dead smack in the middle of the city. I@m in his room right now. He just got a new remot for his room, the old one finally putzed out completely. :P

Second oldest in the chain is Takashi. He`s some sort of smart, he goes to a private school and stayes up to 1 in the morning doing homework on average, but dosn`t start untill 10 or 11 o`clock. [aside: Oh, you have to push shift for the ` or it turns into and @, good to know] He has a bunch of friends over after school often, but mayby 3 times a week only. Never takes off his school Uniform eather. I thin i seen him once out in 'normal' cloths. [Aside #2: theres 2 ' and ` on this keyboard, Musukashi!] He has an obseccion with Gundam and likes Dragon Ball (z, GT). He must have 50 GUndam Figures ad 3 PS2 games. Plus anything that is branded gundam. WAtches the show daily along wiht dragon ball (z, gt). No one makes any signification to a diferance between the 3 dragon ball Animes, its all Dragon Ball.

Third and last in the succession is Masashi. He`s 9 and pritty cool for a little kid. Don't make him miss Dragon Ball though, he just mike kill you. He`s has 7 friend over at once and they all sneak in with out notice. The first time it happened i thought i was seeing things. there were 7 little japanese kids bouncing off the walls and climbing in ever cornor you can see, plus 2. Hes got an orgne belt in Karate, has a really good kick up high. he always practices kicking the small knob at the end of the string to turn on the light in the living room. He and I always practice kanji together with his school books, it`s funny, were at the same level. I know more than him now but i can`t read even with my 350 kanji now. Individual Kanji are Useless unless you speak Japanese. you have to combine 2 to make a word that is usefull. I can understand some things though. the electronic dictionary is useless with masashi because it outputs kanji and neither of use know enought to read it. I have to use my Palm to get any english though him. He does know some good Ego though.

Momo (peach) is the dog. A small brown fluffball. I don`t know the bread but i don`t ever remember seeing one in America. some weird breed, i think it's accually Euopean. She just helps herself to the table during meals, often getting a hit on the head or a laught, I thought this was weird, but i see why she does this, they triand here to eat foor off the table after saying YOSH(i) and she now thinks ok, all plates, bowls and glasses ar my right as long as they are close to the edge. She has a huge fear of the outside world and hieghts, you put her up at any height taller than here and she just shakes, but i got her jumping off my lap and going down a couple stiars. SHe has a big ol cage to play around it and when ever possable wants out,�@of course. she never eats dog food, although it is their. Why whould she, just a lettle while longer and there will be food on the table to steal. Once i was rudly awaked by momo cleening out my nose. I was so startaled i almost jumped out on the floor. I make sure if i go to sleep she is in her cage now.

My host mom never sleeps. I wake up and she`s already up, When i had jet lag i got up at 5am and she was wide awake making the days breakfast and lunch. She works untill 8 PM every day at her company, i think this must be were she sleeps, I never see here sleep here. After she gets home she starts dinner, serves a snack type thing and starts laundery. Then after that she finishes up dinner and Kougi gets home. (host father) Serves dinner and keeps cooking. after everyone is eating and all food is served she sits and finishes up koji`s beer, or opens a new one if it empty, he has already moves on to the shonen by then. There she eat up dinner and clears the table. I think she does dishes or somthing next and makes sure the bath is ready. Maybe she sleeps while i take a shower/bath. She usually watches TV about now and then i go to sleep. I think she flods launder at night, it`s read the next morning after breakfast. SO busy I don`t have any clue how she does it, truely amazing. Also takes care of most anything that needs doing that dosn`t require me present without my knowlage. "Oh, I have to fill out this paper and send it to ----? no, Already done, here`s a copy." I just blink in astonishment here.

Kouji (host father) must be 45 or somthing, he told me once and it was someware around there. He smokes but i`m sure its not that much unless he lets em fly at work. Hes pretty cool, every night he has half a beer and then 3 or 4 glases of shochu. He gives up english after that. He`ll just punchi anyhting into a dictionary. He enjoyes learnig english though, he`s very good, but dosn`t really know. He`s funny, no mater if he knows a person or not, he makes them laugh. He always shows me a new cell phone and lets me play around with it. I learned a lot of japanese from the menus, nost the ones that lead to the BIlingal feature in all docomo phones. I like findin the english feature, especially when they say that a phone has no english in it. I forgot to turn it back to Japanese one and he had to bring it home and ask me if i could put it back. We both laughed. I tryed a video phonea couple times, thos things are amazing. I really like the N2102. THat thing does everything except make toast for you in the morniong, internet, Movies, Memos, MP3s, streaming Music, It`s a camera and a video phone, it also has a little feature of being a cellphone too.

My family is roling in yen. Their house it Huge and western style. AC and heating in all rooms. its close to a park, witch is amazing after seeing no grass at all then, BAM a field. thers a ramin resteraunt next door that i havn`t been to yet. TEh florecent light is really bight 10 feet from my window. It lights up my rooom really well if i open my curtian.

WEll that`s beter, I can`t beilive i forgot to write about my family in Japan. I`ll get picture up eventually. I`m still waiting for the Fiber internet so i can put up all the pictures. I did find a place, MY school left my FTP active in the states. I can Just use that for now, make a little website. the fiber is coming this month, or so kouji says, he sied that in september too, I might just Use the slow ISDN if i have too, but thats to worry about later.

sayonara, alot happened today, who knew, tomarow is probly gonna be a dosy too, BIG reheasal for the sports feastaval. I hope it stays nice and cool all day, It wont but i can hope. JA NE!


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