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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Went to the `eye hosplitial` Danial Sensei when with to translate mostly i think. My eye got REALLY bad, I couldn`t see anything out of it and it was a pain to try and open it. The clinic was really cool though, now that i`m not in pain. you go to the counter, write your name on a peice of paper get weird looks because its in english. and then you sit. It was nice an quick, 5 minutes and we were in. There is one big room were everyone is gettnig examined, you first walk in and sit in a chare and lok in to a machine. ther is a baloon at the end of a long road, i think is test your focas and depth perception but i don`t know. after that you go and get a vission exam with a machine taht lighs up a paticular `C` that is tiltied 90 degrees in various directions that you can point for the direction of the opening. Insted of the T S D O chart you get in america. after almost completely failing my left eye exam I to the eye presure test, the "blow air in your eye test" My right eye was fine but there was no way to open my left eye and it kept buzzing. he oked it and just went off to wait agian.

I had to go back in and get microscoped and have my medication perscription writen out, the guy also put a pice of red paper in my eye, I think som sort of test stip. Then he oked me to go on to the scary place of needles and wierd japanese style insterments. She wiped out a patch for my left ey, whitch i expected completely, and 2 eyedrop medications. she got them both in after my eye finally opened. and then decided to rince it out with water. dan and my host mom were laughing pritty loud so i must have be doing somthing weird. my eye wouldnn`t open for anything.

Ok, all done, whent ot the counter to pay, no credit cards..... ok, cash, 8500 yen.... i got 7000 on me, my host mom lent me the extra. After getting home i paid her back and noticed that i`m almost broke, 4000 yen left. about 40$. time to hunt down an ATM. also got to get this insurance thing filled out.... tomarow hopfully i still can`t see but there`s no major pian now with the eyedrops they gave me. 2 drops 4 times a day. WEEEEEEEE i hate eyedrops!


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