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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Wednesday, October 01, 2003

WELL, that accually went well i think. I got my hair cut, Japanese sytle. IT was really weird, i saw somone sitting down and reading a manda so i did the same. After about 7 minutes he got called up and i sat and read a copy of GTO. Well, looked at the pictures, I�@suppose it isn`t really reading. After 4 or so minutes o picted up a style book i overlooked and flipped though it. about half way though it i got called up. MY barber was a reallt old guy, thought he might die while cutting my hair. He did a good, slow 45 minute, job.

The seat is heated, when i sat down i was surprised and almost jumped back out. It also relices all the way back. very comfortable. He was very carful not to get any hair on me, with one towl in the back of my color, then the aperen, then another towel on the aperen. Out came a nice set of siccors and start clipping, it was reallt scary, he didn't ask what i wanted or anything. After going around and cuting the major portions off, he showed me 2 clipped sizes and i choose the bigger one, He VERY GENTALY trimed al the way around. at some point he did the back of my head but i don' remember his going anyyware near my back... Using a big ol mirror i nodded to conferm that it was good.

He then took out and OLD STYLE razor, the kind with the hot lather and one blade. He shaved teh back of my neck and behind the ears, also the sideburs wiht this. Then, almost as an after thought, he grabed the clippers and buzed my neck agian.

The whole time i wondered what the litte cabnet was for in front of me, it obviously foled down, but what for. my thought was a foot rest thing for laying al the way back, Almost as if he knew i was wondering he opend it up and the was a sink, got myself a shampoo and conditioning right there in my seat. After that he pointed to the runnig water and i rinsed my hands, I'm not sure if that was what i was suposed to do but he turned the water off and handed me a towel.

After that he took a bodle of the shelf labled(English only) Kent face lotion. He aplyed sparingling to my hair.

He then seid somthing and i knew, ok time to get up and go. Went to the register, payed 1700 yen and left on my bike. IT was nice and easy riding, must have been less wind resistance.

I thought the whole process was facinating, and even more so that i did it alone, without major problems.

One note; Connie, your too rough compared to this japanese barber shop. ;P Hardly knew he was cutting.


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