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Saturday, October 18, 2003

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Today Iyaka, Masashi, me, and some one i don`t know whent to a resteraunt named Joyful. thats not the interesting part, the funny part is ther were 10 small kids running around like the eat a puond of sugger. I whent up to get a drink and they all swarmed around me and just stood there. All looking up at the tall white thing. It was hard to move without stepping one one or two of them but by the time o got my pepsi they were back running around the place except 2. I thought that was really funny.

I never noticed how short takashi was... I thought he was about my height, but he put on his winter uniform and sunendly he was short. not even close to my hieght. It was another funny thing for a funnny day.

This night we went to another resteraunt, Julious. Everyone went and it was like a bar i guess, the was a bar on one half and then small sectioned off rooms to eat and drink. Wemet someone ther and his 2 kids. VERY GENKI! The one little girl decided it would be a good thing to stand on the table and jump into my lap. the boy was older and more calm but he got up andn found a TV, all the kids when to watch tv after this discovory. Note that didn`t include me. I like trying food like clams, horse somthing(it wasn't good and i don't want to know what it was), chinese ebi (pronounce A BE, shrimp), and other good foods. When we left, we had a "rent a designated driver" take us home. That was kinda cool. A taxi followd us and he took that back to the resteraunt i presume. There were so many people out front of the resteraunt/bar. and one person was almost passes out infront of our car. he had 2 friends with him and the rent a driver guy had them move him out of the way. that was funny too.

When going home, Kouji was asking and talking in English the whole way home. and i began to thing that being a rent a designated driver was probly a humorious job. I seen him smile a couple times but he tryed not to laugh. Kouji persisted to tell him with way to go in English(whitch he messed up, like left and right, and insted of go straight, never go stright. My host mom talked in japanese. and i pointed witch way to go. that was just fun.

Tomarow is a rotary conferance. another dosage of repeditive information and a japanese laugage proficantcy test. we have to bring out yellow book things an di know why, there is a section that sayes you must learn Japanese, and when I fail hes going to make me write it out a million times.. ;P


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