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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

ok, there were mid terms today. I was sure that all i was gonna end up dooing was drawing pictures all ver the answer sheet, but accually i understud much of it. English was all good except 2 sections i couldn`t figure out what they wanted. Chemastry was a pain, i got 2 of 7 sections then the chemestry teach accually cam into the room and asked me a couple questions and seid ok, you pass. just like that. i think at least. C programming was great, kinda. I knew excatly what they wanted to know, I just didn`t know it. It was just like the states, Oh, i don`t know this one, come back to it later. I passed it offa s not understanding the question though. That is a great advantage of being a ryougakusei. ;)

It was a half day today s i when hom, surprised my host mom, then when she left i got on my bike and rode. Fisrt i went past the red cross hospitial then i went to a stor called Best. It is huge and is like circuit city and hom Depot mixed together. I never seen so many tiolets! there must have been a hundered or so of them. Monday i went to a computerstor that was next to Best. It was a circuit city stacked 2 hight with more computer stuff then a dell warehouse. THe computers in this place were extreamly well made, most of them were open so you can see inside and then they plastic wraped the opening so you couldn`t touch. next door was a small used computer parts store. it was interesting. I estemate you caould biuld a decent computer for under 100$ there were boxes of components with a 200円 sign above almost everything. CD-roms were in abondance fore sure, every were you look there are CD roms stuffed in a cornor, i think you can sell your old stuff there, i seen somone bring in a bunch of old parts on a dolly as the staff looked it over. I though it was interesting, i wish i could have that stor in the sault. ;D

I also went down a long road. i must have a good hold on how to ride a bike in japan now, no car accedents. i did see 2 little kids almost get plowed over(the one girl jumped out of the way, she would have been topled if she hadn`t) and i wanted to take my bike to the guys windshild, he was at fault obviously, too fast, didn`t have the right-a-way, and was talkign on a cell phone. but it was all good, they made it across and i kinda laughed because right after he tryed to hurry past them, some old lady, barly making a pace walked out and he had to wait for her now. :P

I kept going down this road, hoping to find shimatori and ginzadori, both are huge shopping streets. I kept going strait trying to remebmer were to turn and found what i though was right, It had the red bus loadign zones on the side of the road, but after going about half a mile down the buss loading zore dissapeard and i whent back. I decided to go the other way down this road and eventually met a bridge. The crossing light at this huge confusign intersection had a timmer bar thing taht shows how long you have to wait for the light to change. that was cool. I crossed this bridge without a hitch and realized i didn@t have clue it i have been here or not, and i had been bikeing for an hour just down this one road. I turned back and got home no problem, that was nice.

ran another 5 kilometers yesterday, about 3 miles. Taht really bites, it took about 30 minutes. I was 4th last but had almost one lap head start. :P these japanese can really move! i don`t know how i`m gonna survive 21 killer, i mean kilo, marathon....

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! we are going somware, cya!


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