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Friday, October 24, 2003

Midterms are over now, i had 7 tests total. Math(mata), Nihongo(Japanese),social studies, densha(electicity),C programming(same as in English), Ego(English), and chemistry(Kagaku). Math i did about the same as i would in the states(bad), Nihongo i did my own thing for a test, I got an English test for densha witch was ok. C was great, if i could remember what code i needed. Ego was not as great as i liked, but still good. Chemistry was weird.

Social studies was a complete bomb. I had no clue what to do so i filled in 20 boxes with random T or F. I know it was a vocabularay section but i put T or F in there instead, the next section i found a vocabulary box and just randomly put the vocab in the boxes, I carefully traced the kanji though, so it was half an attempt. The next secion was more A,B,C,D,E randomly guessing, followed by another vocab section that i had the kanji for, so i traced that section again. The last Section was long answer, and i wrote various things and took the time to draw little storyboards in the boxes to use up time. I study a book Daniel sensei gave my during social studies class, i don`T think i ever payed attention except when they wanted to use my knowlage of America.

There was a Kanji proficiency test that everyone had to take. It`s government issue and is much like the SAT or something, only it`s only for Kanji. I was advised to go to the library and that i did, there was a bunch of people that had already passes the highest Level of the test and didn`t need to take it anymore in there. I had fun talk ing to a bunch of people; and never even opened my book.

I`m gonna get the photos reorganized fro you all now, or i suppose organized, they never were organized in the first place... ;P


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