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Friday, October 17, 2003

lets see, one week scince last post, I don`t feel like a week, it feels like 4 days.... I still am shocked that it is friday...... I thought it was thursday. and were did my Java class go? *loud booming anouncer voice* What does this mean, wat is he talking about, who is the announcer? stay tuned to find out! *end anouncer*

AHHA! I just figured ou, after typing a paragraph and deleting it, why i`m set back a day. monday was the first day of fall holiday. no school or anything. I feel better now that i`m *kinda* back on track. That day we went to have lunch/dinner with my host mom`s parents. It was gonna be lunch but this resterant was so bissy that we took a plac in line and whent for a drive to some water fall. It was a good size one too, about 50 - 70 feet maybe. Then up to the top of a mountian( and saw this walk up a hill and slide down to your death thing. kinda funny to see people sliding down a grass hill, i think it would be better after snow starts personally. . ther were people trying parachuting of the top of the mountian down about two or three thousand feet. "the bunny hill"

I was really excited cuz i thought we were going parachuting off a cliff somwhere. Then i wondered if my insurance covered parachuting. I though i remembered the polacy saying no. but right about that time we just watched for a while and turnd around. :| I kinda wanted to jump of that cliff, but oh well, maybe next time. ;)

Whe when down the surpizing wide road. it took no time to get down and Masashi got motion sickness, didn`t puke though. He was in the back too, couldn`t imagine if he got his way and had been in the front. :S ewwwww

2 hours after starting the littl edrive we got back to the resteraunt and we still had to wait about 10 minutes for the next table. It was a small one room traditional restreaunt, i think. It sat 7 tables 8 people a peice. the food was so good. The courses that preceded the main dish were less than delicious, but the main spagetti noodle thing was grreat! It was green noodles served how, still sizzleing, on a house shingle. yes a masive house shingal. Its not like what youd put on an america house it a curved peace of ceramic i thing. its very hot and the watresses use wood blocks to cary them. they look decently heavy too. YOu take a chopsticks full of noodles and put them in a cup of "teh special sauce" and eat away, the sauce makes in nice and soft with a hint of jucyness. :)

After finding out why the wait the wait time was over 2 hours, we headed for my host moms parents field. Wee harvested som potatos and various little things. Just a few that were going to be used soon. for there age they have a lot of land. its more like a really big garden than a feild, maybey 300 feet by 600 feet, I`m bad at estimating distance. half was already harvested, i bet it was rice. they plant a lot of flowers along with the vegtiables. I seen and recognized red peppers, green peppers, potatos, and carrots, the rest were all new plants to me.

We left my host mom`s parents in the field and took a 30 Kilo bag of rice to this littl booth on the sid eof the road. I was ding the carying of course. ;) that is a good workout moving that thing. i untied the bag and poud it in the machine. 300 yen was put in and it started up. It turned the rice from yellow brown to white, i presume it ground off the shell or somthing, havn`t a clue. After the macing finished i picke dup the bag agian and that was the excitment for the day. I like that machine, it hums a nice song. kinda like this, grrrrrr r r r rrrr r r r rrrrrrr rrrrrr rrrr rrr RRRRRRRRr DUMPA DUMPA. yea, kinda like that

tuesday was shcool and we started on tuesdays schedual, imagine that. but becuase of the holiday i forgot it was tuesday, remember i just found out it was friday about an hour ago and figured out why i was so screwd up about 10 minutes ago. the next day, wendsdaay, was mondays schedual, whitch just made the confusion double. Also we got a nice dosage of runnign in PE, 5 kilometers!!!! I bike 2K to school and 2k back. and then they want me to run 5!??!?! crazy people. but these japanese never walked once, they always ran and competed the distance. it was impressive. There is a marathon coming up soon, the sooner the betting i think, soon it is done the sooner we can focuse on Judo and less praactice for the matathon.

thursday was thursday`s schedule, not surprizingly, but this was jut another dosage of why did they mix up the schedual to me. and of course to day was right on track. Even if i was on the wrong track. PE was JUdo today, always on fridays. all the time i asked why is the scheuald messed up this week to my HR sensei and he just gave me weird looks and change the subjet to next week`s mid terms. I could get out of them, but am going o take them all, that shocked Matsushima sensi almost to the gound. He wanted to make sure i knew i didn`t HAVE to by reminding me 6 times in 15 minutes of homeroom.

OK, Judo kicks @$$. Were else other than japan can you though midgets around and get yelled at for not being hard enough? I have a full judo uniform type thing and one scine form the matrix wont stop coming into my head, the scine were Neo flips his had up and siglnals come on to morpheious. You have to see it i geuss. It was my first time really doing judo, last week i did a little, but my sunburn and the fact i had to judo uniform had me not doing much. I think the point of judo is to hit the floor as hard as you can and make the biggest bang with your hand when you fall.

I should have pictures latter tonight to show. I have ll my pictures from my Palm ready, but my digital camera that is accually of usefull quality is not talking to the computer in my room. that is just a minor fix i hope. I`ll have apost up as soon as i get even one picture up. I`m using Sault High`s FTP taht they left open for me. ;) and with FIBER INTERNET i can upload all them picts in a minute, OH YEA! i just feel sorry for you 56kers and below...



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