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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Sunday, October 26, 2003

just so you know i worked very hard friday and saterday and got a lot done with the pictuers. i also got the good digitial camera working. but the program i was using to make the photo album page dosn`t work now and all that typing i did on detials for the pictures is gone. I have a new page almost ready, but its not. it looks good and if easy to update, but it`s not as good as what i have now.

I did all the coding my self minus the template, witch was really the hardest part. I don`t know how to make templates and found a freebie i liked. I have a preview on the web. but i don`t want to give you the URL... ;P but i have many interesting and embaressing personally, pictures from the sports frestivial from the digitial camera that i can`t wait to show, but i have to get them all formated and shrunk down to internet size. You don`t want to wait 5 minutes just to see my farmers tan(or mabye you do, it was pretty bad...).

Today i broke and whent to shimotori. gomen ne. I met 3 3rd year students and we got our pictures taken in a photo booth thing, it was funny, because it started going off anf noone moved the camera to point at us. They were on there way out as was I so after the pictures we left and i walked for a half hour to the other end of shimotori and realized my bike was on the other end of the place.... I found it eventually and got on my way. the wrong way. after i turened around and got back on track i missed my turn and had to go back a block. after that i made it home just fine.

we switched over to the winter funiture last night. kinda funiture i geuss, we rolled up the bamboo mat that was down and put down a heated carpet and then a soft carpet rug thing over that, it works REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL good. and allso we took the top off that table and put a blankey on it and put the table top back on top of the blankey. blanky was a typo, but i like it so i`ll leave it.... ;P I been watching out for typos more, just for you! (I i typed that in japanese my accedent and had to erase it) lol

its cold near the computere, i`m going under the table to sit on teh heated carpet, Ja ne


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