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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Finally, i started japanese for americans class today. I`m the only student. It`s so informal and kinda wierd, i get taught with the books i choose and i read a book and repeat after the sensei that is teaching me that day. I got 2 book sfrom danial that i think i like, and then a kanji book that was given to me in febuary. I have to write a bunch of kanji for an hour and then at home i have to read a book an memorize a million things for each chapter. what a releif... ;P

i wonder how tha japanese is coming at Sault high in the ITV class i got going before i left. witha little helfp from Ben that is.

my japanese just progressed quickly today, i got a whole new sentance i can use, N1 is in/on N2. and i learned how to use 'or' plus some japanese only thing taht dosn`t really translate to Ego(english) its like a comma bbut its more than that, I geuss the best way the book explained it is N1,n2,n3, and others. Yeah, its great

i forgot about a 7 page report taht i had due today and had to stay up for 3 hours last night and finish it. no problem, i woke up this morning. witch reminds me, i have to send out the report for district 6290 right now, JA NE!


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