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Friday, October 10, 2003

Ah, finally UP2DATE! all blogs from the week that i couldn`t post are up NOW! after a long time typing and a whole bunch of wondering where anyone can find the time to read these. I think my typo rate is down today. Eye still huts and is half red half white and just realized blue in the cented!!!! RED WHITE AND BLUE! LOL!

after 2 hours of my host mom driving around we finally found the bank she called that SEID they took american cash cards. but they didn`t take *credit cards* she never even checked just saw the Visa nad Mastercard loga and seid no. I noticed a post ofice as we walked back to the can and got her to come in. the ATM was right inside the door, I put in my canrd seid English help, and it almost when smooth, but i forgot my pin, 2nd try no problem, but i can only take out 10000 yen at a time. so thats what i did, I don`t need much, just enough to pay a hospital bill should i need to. thats expencive. I have NO CLUE where i been spending money. otehr than the hospitaial, it just seems to float away! The whole culture shoock thing at rotary pops in my head and this one line repeats it`s self "real world living expences". blah.

I think i can read teh insurance form now too, so i`tt give that buracracy a try, i hope this rotary insurance is a `simple` process. hope is a keyword...

My host family got FIBER INTERNET! Its so fast. I havn`t found any reall testing solutions. i know i can download 14 megs in 20 seconds off microsoft. This means ass soon as my computer in my room is fixed i can put up pictures!!!!!! and that is a good thing, my palm is loaded with them from shool and i got a few from the sport festival that my host dad took. plus ifi can get my hands on a scanner, my home roon teacher took a bunch of film picture on one HUGE camera of his. the lence is at least a foot long, and the profetional photographers that were moving around had some bigger ones. the pictures that came out are really good though. Profetional quality. go sensei go!

carpiltunal syndrom setting in i have to stop typoing now and go t study som more, after taking out my contacts of course.

sayonara, *takes deep breath and clicks publish*


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