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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Monday, September 15, 2003

WOw what a weekend. First a typhoon was "suposed" to hit kumamoto. I lasted all of 3 minutes, ligth rain, no wind. Its worse in florada everyday. BUt it was downgraded on friday to not hit kumamoto with any force. BUMMER!

BUt that ment we could still go fishing! I caught 4 fish. a meadium size, a puffer fish and 2 littles ones. I caugt both the little ones at once, the hooks that are used have 2 separate hooks on them with 2 different pieces of bait. It weird thing is that the hook wasn`t in theeir mouth, it was in their sides. I think there must have been a school of them down there and when i was pulloin gup my line i hooked them both. It was really funny, i couldn`t believ it.

Takashi, Iyaka, and my host mother got sea sick. they all tryed to just sleep the whole time. My host mother was the only one to caugh and run to the sid eof teh boat. I don`t think she curled though. Masashi was board, but i think he caught one fish. My host father caught a couple, and the guy driving the boat caught a whole bunch of bigg `uns. after fishing we went to my host mothers parents house and her father sliced them up and cooked/didn`t cook them. My host father gutted them befor we went there though, he seems to have quite the experiance, and enjoys it.

the boat wasn`t that big, but it was long. maybe 6 feet wide, but 30 long. it motors along at good speed. I wanted to take a picture but i didn`t have a camera with me, left my palm at the hotel so it would get wet.

The next day was a festaval were schools parade around the streets of kumamoto with a horse and sing, kinda. Everyone wears elaborate costums and walks in formation down the street. they cross a major intersection, where we sat/stood, they can`t stop or rerout the road because its 3 lanes in bothe directions. Police had to direct the traffic, sto the parade, let beople cross the sidewalks, resume parade, so on and so forth. onne cop had a dongal for controlling stoplights, that was the coolest thing ever. I just couldn stop thinking about that detonator from Armegedon the movie. You know, where "Henry" has to manually detonate the bomb. It was cool, but masashi was climing on a bottle return can thing and fell down. He hit his head and we left, he was ok after going to go the bathroom and eating some icecream. I wans`t in the parade thing, just got to watch. The event was already full.

I broke out a cd with Half life, a computer game. Masashi can stop playing it. all the time hes getting to be good now, just playing aganst the computer.

NOthing much more, Judo starts next week i think in school. I have been watching the big tournement on TV. It looks fun i think.



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