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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

This year and last year are really not that different, class wise. I have 10 classes this year. Engrish, math, japanese, PE, health, Information(computer apps 2 stuff), C programming, Electronics, Social studys, Art. They arn`t all on the same day though, we has 6 classes a day and they mix up all week insted of all day. My school is so sports oreanted, we have PE 4 times a week but math only 3. I think PE has the most classes a week. Because my school is a technical sports oreantated school the classes are so easy, there is never homework that i know of. I have to draw a design for a box this weekend for art, thats all. I`m passing Engrish. My english teach can barly speak english, but we have an ALT teacher from america, Dan, that floats around the school to all teh classes. PE is dancing and gymnastics, Like exercise dances and human pirimids. Math is all stuff i did last year, almost. there is one little thing i never seen before but i understand it, a thing with trinomials and squareroots. The basic corse work is easy, but they made me equvilent to a sophmore. January i become a Junior. Oh well.

The school is huge, but only 1200 students. the biuldings are 2 times the size of the high school in da soo. but there are big 'holes' in the middle of the biuldings. The campus is at least 3 times the size of sault high. there are 9 buildings. All sections of the school are cut up, 10 secions; Information, machine, interior,.... I don`t know the rest, but there are ten. I`ll figure out pictures or my school eventually whit all the rest of them.

No shoes in school, everyone whers slippers. blue 1st year, red 2nd year, green 3rd year. Japanes schoolls gor 6, 3, 3 insted of 6, 2, 4 or 3, 2, 3, 4 if you got to mickinly/washington. I think thats clear.... i think.... no janitors, everyday students cleen school. it takes about 10 minutes, but i`m outside on the far side of campus and you have to wear shoes when you go outside the 'school'. It takes my group about 15 minutes. I think that does it for now.

Oh, my dear friend ben, You`d fit in so well, watch your head, the doors really hurt after 3. 5 people i seen brin gthere gameboy advance to school and play all day long with a few books open on there desk to look as if paying attention. The morning consists of Mario kart multi player. and others use cell phones and play games on them. others, they Sleep.

For the sports Festaval that is coming up next month, I`m helpign build the stands for my class. They are all metall and seat 120 students. We also have a moving words thing i`m in, I`m not sure what that is yet though. The fram has to be ground in places because of rust and then panted. painted not-ugly,not-not-ugly-green, i think that is the tecnical term for it. Its really hot out there workign on them things, but today it was cloudy and it was only around 92 drgrees Farenhieght.

In december there is a school trip to northern Japan, all the school flys up there to go sking and stuff, i just found out about it today. Its not tooooo expensive either. Hi mom! Have i told you "I love you" lately?

SO much going on it`s hard to remember. O yea, I also take chemestry, THe teacher is so awsome!!!!!! SHe tryed to teach chemestry in Engligh out of the blue and that didn`t work at all, I took a picture of her success at writing the date. also for punishment for not doing homework, she make students eat citric acid. Its so great! HTey walk away with one HUGE pucker. Also for not doing summer vacation homework she took a Kendo stick and hit them on the head 10 times. SO great. Last class she made a mistake and the watter turned red. When she noticed, she dumped it out very quickly and seid "oh look, it turned blue just like we pridicted"..... You had to be there.

So long form japan, talk to you next timei feel i can fill a page. this weekend i`m going fishing on a small ship and staying the night on it. THats all i know, i gues it must be good size.


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