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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I@m so tired. why you ask? Let me tell you.

Once upon yesterday the school began training for the sports festavial, coming up on october 5th. Classes are cut to 40 minutes and 3 classes a day. the next 4 hours consist of dancing and human pirimid biulding. Today there was a human flower circle added to the mix. We get one break for water in the midle and that is a great thing after all that dancing and gymasic type stuff. AFter alll that training its time for cheering and marching. that goes on for about and hour i think, it`s hard to tell, i was too tried to find a clock today. We march at least 400m or so.

THe cheers are hard for me because i have no clue what they are saing and i doon`t have and words of anytype to read. Most of what comes out of my mouth is "i have no idea what you people are saying, but i`ll fake it anyway!" I say this to the rythem of the chant and go on to say other rediculus things that include a purple monkey eating a bannan, to birds in an egg, and the car is broke. I think sensei will give me the words tomarow so, good bye purple monkey. NO ONE can tell what i'm saying so it dosn't matter eatherway.

then, after all that work i have that darn stand biulding thing i volonteered to do, beats badmitton. Today was the last day for work, no painting, yay! speaking of witch they finally got the clue that just painting small bloches of paint ofer the small grinding marks was a bad idea. they decided to paint the whole poles. a little late but you got the idea now! This also confused me a little. On the first day of work, we brought out ALL the poles. on the second day we put half of them back, then today we broght all of them back out. WHY NOT LEAVE THEM OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE! save a day of work and add 40 minutes of sleep at home.oh well, i took more than m y share of cayying and doubled any load that i saw others taking, i like seeing them pick uip one rod as i pick up 3. THe bigger stuff, yea you need help, but a 4 foot pole that is less than 2 Lbs, i think you can take a couple. tomarow, we put together all�@ parts, YAY! that what i been waiting for!

Finally i get to bike home and read "Dreamcatcher" by Steven King. THat is a good book, i couldn`t stop reading for 250 pages. 3 days and i had 250 pages swallowed up. i`m on 457 now, and after this post i' going back in. Klutz just shot off some one`s foot and explaned the concept of killing 350 americans just to be safe than sorry. good book. We have to read every morning and the library has 3 books in english. i hav eto go buy books at the store that has an english selection. It is located on the top flor in the far cornor near the exit stairs. There are about 200 books there,... maybe. most are Learn english the easy way books.



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