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Monday, September 01, 2003

First day of going to school. i got a ride to school and the traffic was really bad. we got all red lights and there were so many cars. Still got there on time. The school is very big, but only 1200 students. My home room is ver far from the front and on the sencond floor. My teacher speaks very little english and carrys a referance book. TEh are mostly boys in my school 80% i think.

I had to give a spech in front of all the school in the massive gym. It wasn`t bad at all. everyone clapped and i was last to speak minuse the closing speech by the disiplanary specialist person. If you are bad you have to cleen the school in the morning. today was a special day that everyone cleened the school and it was the opening cerimony. really boring accually. I had to get up at 6:30 to eat and go but school started at 8:30.

I was in the room to get my desk position, then i left for a tour of the section that i was in. TEh equipment in the shops must be 3 years old but the CNC is a masive machine. Its bigger than anything at persision edge but probly not accuarte and very slow. it looks very old, but its good enough. the automotive is very small room. Teh new computer lab is awsome, its the bet room in the school. it has very nice AC and it feels so god after being hot all day. the screens are all flat and have fast prossecors with loads of ram, they are slow still though.

nothing has AC except the teacher rooms and the computer room. VERY HOT!!!!!!!! it is really bad. the cent of the building is open to the sky and its vey hot everywhere you go.

i ate lunch in the room with some student`s who`s names i can`t remember, so many names. afte lunch i left again and whent to the english teacher`s room. It has AC, i love it. i stayed there and talked wiht english teachers and a few peopl. the time when fast and finnally i when to homeroom and got my stuff then dan showed me the clubs that were in session. Not many because of summer tests. they have to study during vacationa and the get tessted on it on the first days of school. I did see the major sports and Judo. Also Kendo was cool, but they were only warming up and it was hot so we when and saw thew famous highschool basball team.

I got my slippers and my bags that are for the school and rode my bike home. whitch i found out was parked in the teachers bike parking section thing. there are hunderads of bikes all over the place.

tomarow will nto be too differant, school really starts wendsday. then i will have 10 classed, but only 6 a day and a club. i should get home around 7PM from then on.

yoroshikun onigimas!


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