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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Monday, September 22, 2003

Finally, I!m feeling more like?@myself. No thanks to Chinese medicine, BLAHHHHHHHHHHH. I wish I`d had Rolaids to get rid of it quicker. I spent most of the day in the English office, but me and Daniel since were too loud and told to leave, also my permission to use the computer in the English office is gone. Maybe bob had a bad day, But I think my welcome has worn out. Oh well. There's a holiday for the fist day of Fall. No school, then back to more practice.

nothing really new since last because I was sick, but one good story. We end to a book store so Takashi could buy a book for school. I kinda kept close so that I could make sure we left at the same time. Well he when to check out and I stood staring at at least 10000 different manga selections. After the shook settled I noticed he was checking out so I started to walk to the counter. Next thing I knew he was gone, he had left to the parking lot for some reason. I looked around in the book section didn't see him. Then I when up stairs to see if he was looking at music and DVD's or something, what ever was upstairs. Nope not here, but I looked around at some of the old American music they had on a shelf. After seeing this girl behind the counter watch me as if I was some exhibit I walked over to teh DVD's. Nothing interesting, where's Takashi. Maybe over in that section with the blue partition with the Japanese kana Kana written on it.

As I walked over to the section I stared at the Japanese written there as if maybe it had some significance. Nothing really came to mind and I walked behind, not really noticing what was around me. After a couple steps I looked around. It was the biggest collection of porn I have ever thought possible. Quickly, because there were people all over the place watching my back, I did a 180 swing and out I went. That was really funny, because I could have swore that that Japanese was something important, but I shrugged it off. On my way down the stairs, I looked out the window and see Takashi walking across the street to a convenient store. I caught up and that day was over. Nothing exiting after. Maybe the wasabi candy that was not really as spicy as I thought, but still spicy.


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