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Friday, September 05, 2003

Ahhhh, got hit by my first car today. that was fun. The guy did it on perpous too. But it was just my read end of my bike, no damage. I thought it was funny accually, I was told i would probly get hit buy a car ad i didn`t think it would happen. Oh well.

The US Japan Embasy registration website is still down. I got to get that done some how, someday.

PE is weird, we have to dance. It`s kinda funny really, its like an exersize dance that you don`t move around. Just stay in formation. It`s a long time to do too. So annoying and i think we hav eto do it in the sports festavel next�@Month. I hope not, itsa bad, i stick you like 3 sore thumbs. 1 I`m american; 2 i`m big; 3 I don`t know the steps!

So much happes every day and i can`t tpy it up immediatly and then BAM! forgotten. I have my `locker` finally. one is for shoes outside and the other is for whatever and it`s near my class. You can`t fit much inside though. Mayby the gym chlothes but that`s it. I have 2 pair of shoes for gym only, a pair of slippers for school, and regular shoes for everywhere else. So many shoes. OH! my dress shoes for what ever. I have a Uniform to ware every day, which has yet to come to me. A gym uniform, which i have half of. and then a set of cloths for Badmitton kurabu. Lots of clothes. minus the dress shoes, all come to school evcery day pritty much. some things i leave there though. All my books stay at school pritty much. My school has a MAJOR bias to sports and there is very little homework. VERY rare in Japan. My school has a tone of money in sports equipment and probly Band too. They were the best in japan for 2 years but last year they were 4th. The computer lab is all new and they left the old one in a seprate place. It`s so�@nice to sit in air conditioning for a short time. none of the school has AC exept the teachers rooms and the computer lab.

I got the school down farly well, but i don`t know where the classes are really. I do know most of the teachers offices. They all have AC =)

starting next week or the week after school is cut in half so students can practice fo tthe sports festavial. I don`t know if we have to stay on campus of not. One day i have to biuld bleachers for my class. 2 students volenteered, including me and one lost a lottery. no one wanted to voleenteer to do anything antill 5 minutes after school got out then people were like, Ok i`ll do it lets go!

After school i hav eot go to the other sid eof the school�@and cleen part of the side walk and pull grass and all that happey stuff. Its weird they don`t have people do it , the students and teachers(some) have to clean everything.

I`m in a badmittion club for after school, its 3.5 hours long and i get home at 7:30 every day. It`s hadrd work and i hav eto run around the school. today it was only once cuz i had to go find my shoes but it`s probly like 3 or 4 times. It`s a hude school and takes forever for the people who are fit to run, It takes a lot of effort but i can do it. ANd the teacher rides a bike to make sure you don`t slack. but its a breif thing and after, you can go back to the badmittion. There are 3 nets and 25 boys, 15 girls. Boys get half and girls get half. I`m still not sure how that worked but boys got 2 nets. My right arm hurts form the 2 hours of just swinging the racket. not bird, not opponet, no net, just swinging for 2 hours. BLAHHHHHHH!

My school inspects Uniforms and everyone goes to the gym and sits. They get told somthing and then ther is some stratigy to siting and waiting. I kinda go tdiplomatic immunity for my hair and eyes. They also gave me a pass because my unifor wasn`t in yet. they checked my fingernails and seid ok, i geuss you can go. So many people faild inspection. theyt hav eot cleen in the morning and cleen after school. Diplomatic imunity is great i get so many easy ways out. No homeowrk, really. but thats not unusuall in this school that favors sports. If i do somthign wrong i get told, hey don`t do that. Plus If i pretend i don`t understand, BAM infinite possibilitys. I don`t have to do this big bow type thing to all the uper classmen eather, they made�@me a saphmore when i should be a second year student. but i`ll end up a Junior when january comes around. weee hoooo. Blue red green and the slipper colors that indicate calss. Its niffty.

of course i`m starting in the middle of the year and its funny that all the classes are doing things that i know. C programmikng is so easy. ITs just variably manipilation and display stuff. Electronics is just oms an dresistance and a little bit of curcuty, that the teacher really dosn`t understand. I see him make so many mistakes and i just sut up. I know that its the same as america because they are correct in the book. Mistakes like drawing diods and batterys backwards. Misslabling parts. It`s kind funny. The English teacher can barly speack english, but i thinkshe is really shy, cuz she has to read everythign 2 times and then say it very quite, like i`m judging her. I geuss i am. But its good, she got her licence so she must know what it takes. Dan is awsome, his always speacking ENglish and making staff and students learn english while in the halls a nd stuff. everyone knows and loves danial sensei.

So much happend this week and i know i forgot to writew it all but i will have much more to talk about in future weeks.

by the way, 96 degrees every day minumin mostly.


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