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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Sunday, August 31, 2003

wow so much e-mail from that blog. I hope i can keep it up to date. My host family is getting a fiber internet connection so i think i will be able to. They own 2 companys.�@One is a cell phone retail store and the other is a hotel information system service. I think they are Very good to do. The computer is very fast and the tv is a widescreen. The ho‚¤se is huge in Japanese standards.

I just seen a brand new Cell phone that is a video phone that you can see who you are talking to and they can see you. VERY COOL i trye‚„ it out across the store to one of the sales people.�@The only draw back is that is dosn`t woork in all areas, only in bigger cities, It didn`t work on top of MNT. Aso. we went tothe tp of Aso and looked into a volcano, it was really cool.�@there was small stone hut things that were suposed to protect you if it eupupted but it was false security.

We also had a "conferance." nothing like the conferances in 6290. only 5 inbounds. its was 4 hours long. we had to sign for accedentall insurance and read teh ruls agan and sing a really `cough` odd song.

hello, hello, hello, hello
I`m glad to see you!
I`m glad to see you!
hello, hello, hello, hello

The RYE chair person ist a camp�@leader ant the YMCA camp Aso. That explains the song i think. there is one girl from France in my district and the rest are americans. One boy and all the rest are girls. Ben is from pensilvanian, the french girl is foorm nort france, the one american gir is from seatle, and the other anerican girl is from..... kansas.

I didn` get to ask about out bounds but i seen 2 rebounds, they left in a hurry afer interductions.

Last night i went to a traditional japanes resteraunt and it was really small. it had a bar that sat 6 peaople and 2 table that sat 4 each. you could probly fit more. we took the two table and put them together to make one. there were no chariers and everythign was made right in fromnt of you. we had a tv and watched Tarzan. it was one of them disney movies on tv.

We went to buy my uniform. 5 stores later we found the right size. it was funny. then we forgot a part and had to go back and get it after going home.

school starts tomarow for me. I have to give a speech in font of the entire school, should be interesting.

‚³‚æ‚È‚ç �isayonara for those that didn`t install the Japanese laguage pac thing.)


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